Nude pout/LOTD

Hello my little puddings!

So, with the rain pelting down outside, and Broc walked and tired, I thought now was a good time to show you my nude lip.Lip of the day. 😉 Finally huh?


I have sooooo many pink and red shades of lipstick, that I invested in 2 shades to create a nude lip. (The nude lip is a very personal thing) some people like having it very soft/blended out from the shape of the lips and no lip liner, while others still like it to be defined yet with the soft colours, I guess I fall in to that category.

I love the soft colour itself, but want to still have definition blah blah blah. So, I bought a L’oreal lipstick (Nude ingenue/501) and a cheap miss sporty lipstick in the shade “I’m sweet/007”. As well as a lip liner by Rimmel in “Tiramisu/050”



It looks quite purple here, but it’s a light/medium warm brown hinted nude colour in real life. 🙂


I love the packaging of this L’oreal lipstick! Probably part of the reason I bought it to be honest 😉


This is the Miss sporty “I’m sweet” It’s in a plain navy blue bullet. Very simple looking. The shade is quite a pinky nude, and very light when applied. Perfect for layering it over other colours, (oh and it smells of watermelon, which I didn’t expect. Yummy!)


I swatched both colours, the miss sporty at the top, and the L’oreal at the bottom. You can see very clearly the difference in shades and base tones to these two colours. But when worked together magic happens. I’m not sure I’d wear the miss sporty “I’m sweet” on it’s own?? It is pale, and might be hard to work with by itself.


I used the Rimmel lip liner to outline my lips, and fill in the actual lip, about half way in. I then applied the L’oreal all over my lips. The texture is gorgeous, applies like a dream, and non drying at all… and at the moment I have problems with my lips in winter, even with lip balm on. (so sorry for some of the photos) ugh. But I was dying to do this nude lip, soooo 🙂

Afterwards I glided the miss sporty over the centre of my bottom and top lip, almost like a highlight, and then blended.


I forgot to apply lip gloss to finnish it off. I actually always have a matte lip, but I think the gloss adds a little oompf with a nude pout, so feel free to get some clear/crystal or even a soft coloured gloss to put over your lips when done. Infact, I might invest in a glittery/crystal gloss, and try this look again 😉 Would anyone want to see the outcome when I do, let me know?!

Well, this is soooo toned down for me! I love pinks,red and vampy reds on my lips, but I have to say I think this nude may be a new addition to my look. I’ll have to wear it on a night out, with smokey bold eyes, I think the two would contrast and complement each other brilliantly. (I feel FOTD coming on soon!) 😉

What do you think about nude lips? How would you wear them? Let me know in the comments!

Stay beautiful

Pinklemonsss xoxoxoxo


Blog Award

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster award! By the lovely Polished PR. Thank you so so much, sweetie! I’m happy that I’ve inspired you. 🙂


How It Works:

  • Post the award on your blog.
  • Thank the blogger who presented you with the award and link them in the post.
  • Write 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Name 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers who you wish to nominate. The award is about spreading the word about up and coming blogs.
  • Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who presented you with the award and then ask your nominees 11 questions that they must answer.

My 11 facts:

  • I’m obsessed with The big bang theory.
  • I love going on long walks
  • I run my own dog walking business
  • I have just got a new puppy. An Australian shepherd. Called Broc.
  • I hate the rain, well (it’s ok, when I’m not out in it)
  • I’m so happy I live where I do, out in the countryside. (Derbyshire, UK)
  • I love horse riding
  • I have a strange fascination with the dark
  • If I could live on just 5 food for the rest of life they would be… Watermelon, chocolate brownie sundae, cheese pizza, KFC, and mangos.
  • I have a sarcastic sense of humour. (when appropriate 😉 )
  • I spend 90% of my day listening to music.

My Nominees:












The reason I have nominated these lovely blogs, is because of their great content and photography. Really lovely to sit down and read through. 😀 ( I wanted to nominate loads of other blogs I love, but they had too many followers) *sad face*

My 11 Questions For You:

  • If you had to eat 1 food forever, what would it be?
  • Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?
  • What can you NOT live without (makeup wise)?
  • What inspired you to start blogging?
  • What is your favourite book?
  • What annoys you?
  • What’s Your favorite genre of music?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What are you wearing, right now?
  • What if anything inspires your fashion?
  • What’s your favourite colour?

Answer to my 11 questions from Polished PR.

1. What are you most passionate about? Aside from makeup… animals!

2. What’s your favourite colour? Honestly, I’m not sure. I don’t really have a favourite. I suppose maybe pastel colours and black.

3. If there’s one thing your strongly believe in it’s… Karma! (she kicks ass)

4. If you could have one special power, what would it be?

5.Why? I’d love to be able to freeze time. So I can just sit and wind down/sleep, so I wont miss anything.

6. Where do you see yourself in 7 years from now? Living in a nice cottage. with my dog, maybe a horse…and still doing blogging which I love!

7. What’s the most unique thing about you? I have 2 tattoos on my left forearm. I’d like to think that makes me stand out a bit. 😉

8. Your favourite gene of music? Honestly, I’ll listen to anything. Mainly metal/screamo/hardcore. But also Dubstep, chart music, even some country and western.

9. If you could move anywhere in the world (regardless of $), where would you go? I’d love to go to the US… (Texas, Tennessee, Colorado…)

10. What are you wearing, right now 😉 ? I’m wearing pleather panel leggings, and a crop top with a deer face on it in black and white.

11. I’m wearing a little black dress, what colour(s) should I paint my nails? Definitely Gold! Black and gold is soooo classy! ❤

I am so grateful that I have been nominated for an award, I’m still fairly new to blogging, and it has been so much fun!!! Thank you to everyone who follows me, and checks out my little blog. 😀 xoxoxo

The nude lip

Hello my lovelies, and how are we all?

Now, I don’t think I need to tell you all that I’m a bit obsessed with lipsticks. (I still need to do a post on my collection so far!) Anyway, I went to Superdrug and bought a few bits and bobs, to help me create a nude lip.

That’s right, a nude lip… I’m usually a bold red lip or pink in your face lip look. But lately I’ve been seeing nude lips more often, and I’ve started to really like them.

A nude lip is very wearable, with shades to suit every skin tone. It’s also a great way to help keep the focus on your eye makeup. A nude lip just sets off smokey eyes. (just look at Kim Kardashian)



Perhaps thats why many celebs rock the nude lip look! It’s effortlessly easy, and goes with any colour on your eyes. Not to mention it looks so glam when done right!



Even the lovely, Lady gaga has rocked a nude lip. 😉



You can do a nude lip with a combination of, lip liner, lipstick and gloss for finnish. Or just the lipstick and gloss. I do think however by using a lip liner to define your natural lip line makes the nude lip pop against your skin tone, and help give definition. I mean, just because we are going for a nude lip, doesn’t mean you have to loose that sexy plump defined look either! YOU CAN HAVE BOTH, LADIES!!!! 😛


I shall do a post on my little nude lip makeup haul soon, and then my own nude lip look too. So stay tuned for that! 😀

– Pinklemonsss

Stay beautiful xoxoxoxo

Eye shadow dilema! HELP!

Hey my puddings!

So, I’m having a last minute panic attack. haha. Ok, maybe that is a slight over exaggeration, but I’m having a colour crisis.

I’m having an early 21st cocktail party tomorrow evening, and I really want to try and do my eye makeup similar to this, gorgeous peach/brown cut crease.


Now, I found this on we heart it, and so have NO IDEA who did this look/the blog it came from. Otherwise I would have just followed the link through, and see if they listed the colours they used.

I have all the colours for this look, except that gorgeous peachy colour on the inner corner of her eye. Isn’t  it just divine?! 😉

So, if anyone can help me and if you know of a brand that does a similar peachy colour I’d be so grateful. I’m going to head down to my local superdrug/boots tomorrow morning. It doesn’t matter wether it’s in a single pot, or part of a palette. (reasonable prices please!) And I’m in the UK, incase you don’t know. 🙂 

– PinkLemonsss

Stay beautiful xoxoxoxo

Juicy lips for spring/summer

Hey my lovely puddings,

I bought a new lipstick. (I know, like I need anymore right?) but it was only £1, so….it’s not that big of a deal. Ok. 😛

Only £1?! I hear you ask. This lipstick is by MUA. They have a large selection of colours and shades, all just for £1. How could I say no?

I picked up “Juicy” (shade 15) which is a lovely soft, matte peachy/coral colour. I thought it would be perfect to wear in spring and summer.


The packaging is simple yet effective. It was very helpful that at the base of the bullet, there is a see through pot, which contains the same lipstick and colour. This made it very easy to see what each colour was like when they were all stacked up on the shelf. 🙂




In the bullet, the lipstick looks very bright, however once applied to my lips it was a very soft colour and could work for many skin tones, as it’s not an unforgiving, bright orangey coral.


I’m usually a strict, reds and pinks lipstick lover, but I have to say when I swatched juicy on my hand, the colour was stunning. there’s a very, spring/summer, beach vibe with it. I also LOVE the name. 😛



I found I had to apply very generously, at least two coats for it to apply evenly and get the best result. Though for £1 what else could I expect. Apart from that, this lipstick has great colour pay off, and wasn’t at all drying on my lips either (which was a fabulous surprise) I seem to always get in my head that cheap = rubbish quality. And while with some makeup products that can be true, with MUA that is definitely not the case.

What do you think of the colour? Do you have any MUA lipsticks, if so what colours? 😀


– Stay beautiful xoxoxoxo

Barry M and AX Paris comp!

Barry M (who we all know I love so much) has teamed up with AX Paris clothing, and are running a fab competition/giveaway.

5 lucky winners will get to choose not one…but TWO dresses of their choice off AX Paris, and also receive a Barry M gift set worth £55!!! 😀 How awesome is that?! The comp ends in 9 days and 17 hours… all you have to do is go to Barry M twitter page or AX Paris, and click the link provided… or alternatively visit their Facebook pages, and enter there…

I’ve already picked out a couple of dresses from the AX paris clothing website, though it was tough, but here they are! These are from the ‘curve’ section, (16-26 UK size).


Bonded lace split mesh dress (RRP £45)

“This bonded lace sleeveless flattering dress to perfectly complement those curves. This striking mesh V front and hanging split mesh side detail, perfect with a pair of our heels with a back zip fastening”.


Drop back animal dress (RRP £35)

“Make an entrance in this new animal print chiffon drop back skirt dress, perfect for a bang on trend look, team with heels and jewellery for a stunning evening look with elasticated waist, a flattering shape for all”.

So, if you’re a lover of fashion and makeup, then this is every girls dream…or boys. 😉 just a heads up on a great comp that is being held… *fingers crossed!*


Stay beautiful xoxoxoxo