New buys!

Hey puddings,

I’ve been indulging in some retail therpay. Only a little…and on eBay! Yes, as you know I’m always on the hunt for bargains. Wether it’s in Charity shops, car boots and on eBay.

I think I did quite well, and this is what I managed to snag. 😉

Firstly, I got these cute, patent neon yellow/lime green flats (originally from new look) I’m getting in to the neon trend, and these will be perfect for adding a pop of colour to an outfit for spring/summer. And the best part? They were only 99p! 😉




Another ‘trend’ that I’m loving is the high low/dip hem skirt. I think they look so feminine and a great option for those who may be a bit conscious of their legs, as the skirt offers coverage at the back. They also look so dramatic when blowing in the wind ~ ahhhh ❤


This is the skirt I managed to again, snag off eBay. It is originally from ‘simply be’. The skirt is a lightweight chiffon material, is stops just above the knee at the front, and the hem at the back goes down to mid calf. I won this beauty for only £2.21! I know for a fact this skirt would of been at least £20 brand new from simply be, as I’ve seen similar skirts for around that price. 😛

I’m sorry the photo isn’t flattering for the skirt at all, as its not even on a proper skirt hanger, I’ll have to model it for you guys!


The last item I won on eBay was a lovely top. Again, in keeping with the neon trend. (The following photo was taken from the ebay listing, as I havnt received it yet, the photo belongs to it’s rightful owner) it’s a loose fit, top. Perfect for spring/summer. The top is a beige with a lime green/yellow strip along the top half, and also has a zip detail at the back.



This top was only £1.99 and originally from Marks and spencer. Think this is the first thing I’ve ever seen from M&S and actually liked. haha, usually their clothes are much more made for the ‘mature’ lady, or older women. heehee.
It just goes to show how you can get clothes for so little compared to their RRP prices, and you never know what little gems you may come across. 😉

Do you ever shop on eBay for clothes? whats the best thing and price you have got on something, share below in the comments. 😀

– PinkLemonsss

Stay beautiful. xoxoxoxo