Juicy lips for spring/summer

Hey my lovely puddings,

I bought a new lipstick. (I know, like I need anymore right?) but it was only £1, so….it’s not that big of a deal. Ok. 😛

Only £1?! I hear you ask. This lipstick is by MUA. They have a large selection of colours and shades, all just for £1. How could I say no?

I picked up “Juicy” (shade 15) which is a lovely soft, matte peachy/coral colour. I thought it would be perfect to wear in spring and summer.


The packaging is simple yet effective. It was very helpful that at the base of the bullet, there is a see through pot, which contains the same lipstick and colour. This made it very easy to see what each colour was like when they were all stacked up on the shelf. 🙂




In the bullet, the lipstick looks very bright, however once applied to my lips it was a very soft colour and could work for many skin tones, as it’s not an unforgiving, bright orangey coral.


I’m usually a strict, reds and pinks lipstick lover, but I have to say when I swatched juicy on my hand, the colour was stunning. there’s a very, spring/summer, beach vibe with it. I also LOVE the name. 😛



I found I had to apply very generously, at least two coats for it to apply evenly and get the best result. Though for £1 what else could I expect. Apart from that, this lipstick has great colour pay off, and wasn’t at all drying on my lips either (which was a fabulous surprise) I seem to always get in my head that cheap = rubbish quality. And while with some makeup products that can be true, with MUA that is definitely not the case.

What do you think of the colour? Do you have any MUA lipsticks, if so what colours? 😀


– Stay beautiful xoxoxoxo