Little charity shop haul.

Hey my little puddings!

As you know, I went to do some charity shopping/thrifting on the 6th of April. Well, I went to every charity shop in my town, and even managed to get locked in the ‘save the children’ along with loads of other shoppers. Which was hilarious. Turned out the door and lock had broken so we couldn’t open the door, so instead we had to leave via the back door. What an eventful day. 😛

I had high hopes that I was going to find a cute satchel hidden in the corner of a shop, but alas i didn’t find any, which is unusual as our british red cross, ALWAYS has satchels! They did have a black leather, with gold spikes satchel type bag, but as soon as I walked over to it, a young lady had already snapped it up. Grrrr… hahaha. Oh well, you win some and you lose some.

I did come back with something though. I went in to help to Age UK which is across the road from the british red cross, and after searching the rails, i ended up at the jewellery ‘wall’. Like I need anymore?! I swear I’m like a magpie.

Well, I got these two cute and unusual necklaces… 🙂

Sorry for the rubbish lighting, the sun is out right now, and I was trying to stop it from washing out my photos…
This necklace is a gold coloured spiked collar style. And a very statement piece, perfect to go with a plain white top, or with a shirt. It reminds me of a necklace i think sold by either Topshop or Zara… (I think, don’t quote me on that) that sold something very similar. This little beauty was only £2.99 so i’m very happy, as i would of spent much much more on the Topshop/Zara one.
The next necklace I got was again, from Age UK. And much more dainty.
Isn’t it cute? A small thin ‘gold’ chain, with this unusual pendent at the bottom. I really like the shape of the pendent, and how the stones are set around it. And it is just so dainty, elegant and sparkly that it made me think of summer. I don’t know why, it just did. This lovely little thing was only 99p, so I snapped it up quick! 😀
And that’s all folks! Not even sure i’d call this a haul, more of a charity shop findings… nevermind. Its better than finding nothing at all. 😉
– Stay beautiful xoxoxoxo