Hunter wellies !!!

Hello my lovely (Christmas) puddings 😉

I went shopping today with my friend, Holly. We had a fabulous time, and it was a very successful trip indeed. I went with my main goal, of finding some Hunter wellies to try on, to see if they would fit my calves *eye roll*

I first looked at the lovely wellies on their website, and with soooo many colours it was hard to choose, I eventually made up my mind and fell in love these (photo from Hunter UK website).


These were described as the colour violet. Aren’t they lush?? I then decided that it would be a good idea to go for them in the original tall boot with adjustable fitting, I took measurements of my calves and compared it to Hunter’s size guide, and was fairly confident that they would fit… still, for the price I REALLY wanted to try some on, just to be sure.

So, on our shopping trip, I came across a little shop called “Toad footwear” who stock a wide range of ‘outdoorsy shoes’ and they had Hunters in! Woo hoo. After I calmed down, I was now  eager to make sure they would fit right… and they did !!! so wham bam, thank you mam. (well, dad. My christmas prezzie from him) so he payed over the phone, and here we are… 😉


I even love the box, it’s just simple, elegant and sophisticated.


Glossy goodness. So again, these are the original Hunter tall boots, in Violet gloss. With the adjustable gusset/fitting. *droooool* I LOVE them, but now have to pack them away until Christmas day.

I shall do a little haul post soon of what I bought myself, and I will be going with Holly to Derby Westfield soon to do some MAJOR clothes shopping, so stay tuned for that (later this month)

Ta ta for now folks!


Stay beautiful xoxoxo


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