The nude lip

Hello my lovelies, and how are we all?

Now, I don’t think I need to tell you all that I’m a bit obsessed with lipsticks. (I still need to do a post on my collection so far!) Anyway, I went to Superdrug and bought a few bits and bobs, to help me create a nude lip.

That’s right, a nude lip… I’m usually a bold red lip or pink in your face lip look. But lately I’ve been seeing nude lips more often, and I’ve started to really like them.

A nude lip is very wearable, with shades to suit every skin tone. It’s also a great way to help keep the focus on your eye makeup. A nude lip just sets off smokey eyes. (just look at Kim Kardashian)



Perhaps thats why many celebs rock the nude lip look! It’s effortlessly easy, and goes with any colour on your eyes. Not to mention it looks so glam when done right!



Even the lovely, Lady gaga has rocked a nude lip. 😉



You can do a nude lip with a combination of, lip liner, lipstick and gloss for finnish. Or just the lipstick and gloss. I do think however by using a lip liner to define your natural lip line makes the nude lip pop against your skin tone, and help give definition. I mean, just because we are going for a nude lip, doesn’t mean you have to loose that sexy plump defined look either! YOU CAN HAVE BOTH, LADIES!!!! 😛


I shall do a post on my little nude lip makeup haul soon, and then my own nude lip look too. So stay tuned for that! 😀

– Pinklemonsss

Stay beautiful xoxoxoxo


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