Fab site I’ve found. Envi shoes

So, being in the UK it can be hard to find Jeffrey Campbell’s… I have to either scour eBay (as I did, and luckily won my first pair of JC lita’s on bids). However, this isn’t always 100% reliable, as of course you can be outbid, or end up over paying! Then, there are the online and the few retail shops that stock them, and the problem there is when ever I go and look, they never seem to have many that appeal to me, or they don’t stock all the sizes.

Then, I heard about a website called Envi shoes.http://www.envishoes.com/shoes/boots/ankle-boots.html …. and so I had sat down and had a thorough look. And sure enough I found soooo many lovely JC litas, and whats even better? They stocked them is ALL the sizes that they come in. *Massive thumbs up* Below, are some gorgeous litas that appealed to me.





Those ones above are just divine! A light pink, with rose gold spikes! UGH, be still my beating heart.


And they have the cleata! However, in black rather than the pink.


So yeah, Just thought I’d share with you my recent find, and hopefully they ship to the UK (Just asked them) I so hope they do… 🙂

– Pinklemonsss

Stay beautiful xoxoxoxo


4 thoughts on “Fab site I’ve found. Envi shoes

  1. Oh goodness, the gold ones and the pink ones… So gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to get a pair of litas, and it’s so difficult deciding which pair I want the most!

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