My new love (lots of photos!)

I took some photos of my recent purchase, and my first ever pair of Jeffrey Campbells. These are the exotic lita, in ‘tan sheepskin’. I’m just in LOVE with them.


They have a variety of brown/black/tan shades over them, which makes them very versatile and easy to pair with most outfits. They are sooooooo soft to the touch. 🙂





The gorgeous, thick, solid wooden 5 inch heel. A statement on the Lita.


^^^^^^ Here, you can see the different colours/shades I was on about. ❤



So yeah, those are my new lovelies. Wearing the ‘beautiful beasts’ makes me 6ft 3! meh. 😉

– PinkLemonsss

Stay beautiful xoxoxoxo


One thought on “My new love (lots of photos!)

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