Polyvore addict

I love fashion, I’m always looking at clothes online and in magazines. Taking inspiration from current/past trends, and adding my own twist and interpretation. I then came across a fashion site called ‘Polyvore’ (about 2 months ago) This site is AMAZING! It allows you to create your own looks and then share them with others!

I’ve found it’s become a great outlet for my imagination regarding fashion. It also helps me to visualise a complete outfit, and allows me to see how key pieces work with other clothes/accessories that I may be thinking of buying. 🙂


(above) is an outfit that I put together on polyvore. It was for a contest to base a set on going out on new years eve. And let me tell you something, how much I wish I had that whole outfit! ❤

– PinkLemonsss

Stay beautiful xoxoxoxoxo

* If you want to see more of my fashion creations, that may not be featured on my blog, then here you goooooo. 🙂 http://pinklemonsss.polyvore.com/


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