NOTD (nails of the day)

Hey puddings!

Just wanted to show my nail of the day. Barry M gold foil, as the base – with Barry M, yellow topaz glitter (from their jewel glitter collection) over the top. 🙂


(So hard to photograph) The tones of the glitter bits constantly change when they reflect the light. It looks green/blue in my photos all the time. In real life, the sparkles of glitter are gold!

This is a gorgeous glitter, and still looks just as lovely if you just do one coat, much more subtle, but still sparkly. I did two coats on my nails. 🙂 Really need to get the others in the collection (pictured below)


  1. Ruby glitter.
  2. Pink Sapphire glitter.
  3. Rose quartz glitter
  4. Gold mine glitter.
  5. Diamond glitter.
  6. Amethyst glitter.

Mmmm…life is so much better with sparkles!

– Pinklemonsss

Stay beautiful xoxoxoxoxo


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