EOTD… (well, yesterday) ;)

So, I went to Westfield, Derby yesterday with a couple of friends, to do some shopping. A combination of waking up late, and rushing meant I couldn’t be bothered to do anything amazing with my makeup. hahahaha. Just a simple, silver eye, with thick eyeliner…


Products I used –

– 17 Smokey eye palette.


I love this pallet! I received it as a gift christmas, last year. The shades graduate from dark grey right through to the lightest grey, with a highlighter and a soft shimmery lilac. (I’ll do swatches of these in another post). 🙂

– Avon Super shock max mascara.


This mascara was a free gift, with the Marie claire magazine (August 2012 issue £3.70) In each magazine there were different avon mascara’s. All were worth £10! So this was a great bargain!

2True effortless eyeliner (liquid) 


This is my emergency eyeliner, for when I’m running low on my usual liquid liner. It’s a brilliant liner, long lasting and goes on easy, the bottle also seems to be bottomless and has lasted me months so far! A little goes a long way. 🙂 Woooo.

– PinkLemonsss

Stay beautiful xoxoxoxoxo


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